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FaucetDirect.com is your online faucet specialist, a valuable resource of information and products to aid each step of the way for all your plumbing projects. It's our goal to help you find a faucet that fits your style and function. Many of our products have helpful reviews, specs, and information to help in your decision making. We have faucets with excellent prices, styles, quality, and free shipping offers. Whether you're remodeling the kitchen, bathroom, or even commercial properties, we have a faucet line for your needs.

Bath Faucets Kohler Forte

FaucetDirect.com can help you achieve the complete look that you are after. Discover our selection of bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, and shower systems that will make a fresh splash in your home. Newly installed faucets can save on your water bill and remodel your interior style. From faucets, and fixtures, to accessories and parts, we provide you with the finishing touches to complete your home's new look. Remodeling and upgrading your home is made easy with our online store. For a complete make over we suggest finding a brand and collection that will match the faucets with all accessories. Or for a simple replacement, find the right specifications that will match your existing application.

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Featured Bathroom Faucet Brands and Collections 

Kohler Forte FaucetsDelta Leland Bathroom FaucetsKohler Devonshire Bath tub FaucetMoen Kingsley Bathroom FaucetsGrohe Concetto  Bath Faucets
Kohler ForteDelta LelandKohler DevonshireMoen KingsleyGrohe Concetto

Bathroom Shower, Tub and Sink Faucets

Standard bathroom faucets consists of a three valves for hot, cold, and volume control. These can be arranged in single or double handle options with a center spout. For better ergonomics and efficiency, single-handle faucets are the key. For style and alternate options, consider a double-handle bathroom sink faucet. A few of the specialty options for bathroom sink faucets are for vessel sinks. A vessel sink faucet is specialized to have more clearance and styling to match that type of bowl. There are just as many options for tub and shower faucets. The major collections of bathroom faucets; include shower faucets, tub faucets, and bathroom sink faucets.

American Standard Green Tea

In the bathroom, the sink is pretty straightforward, with options like single- and double-handle faucets. But the bathtub opens up a wealth of opportunities. Choose from standard tub and shower faucets, as well as shower only fixtures. Shower systems are the latest luxury for bathrooms, and with their multi-function showerheads and body sprays, your shower experience just got more luxurious. Have just a tub? A Roman tub filler combines perfect functionality with a touch of class. Installing a new kitchen or bathroom faucet shouldn't pose too many problems. Many manufacturers have simplified the process, leaving you to grab just a few basic tools to install your new faucet. As for your shower faucet, you might need to consult a professional plumber prior for a proper install, especially if you have to get behind the wall.

Things to consider when purchasing a faucet:

Which application is the faucet for?
The kitchen faucet is the work horse for the cooking and dish; determining the right fit and features is the next step. However, bathroom faucets include applications like the shower, tub, and lavatory sink. Many manufacturers create entire collections so you can match the bathroom sink faucet, with the shower and tub faucets. Finally, for the faucets outside the kitchen and bathroom there are utility faucets for the laundry room or commercial applications.
Will it fit with the current fixture?
Make sure the bathroom lavatory faucet fits the sink holes. There are 4" centers for most single-handle faucets, and 8" centers for double-handle applications. Count the sink holes and take a measurement to make sure you find a sink faucet that fits. For shower and bathtub faucets, remember the rough-in valve needs to match the spout and handle. We have conveniently matched each faucet with the necessary rough-in valve. From there you can purchase a new one, or see if your new faucet matches the existing valve.
What kind of features are available?
In the bathroom, there are many options for shower faucets, showerheads, and complete systems. There are multi function shower heads, WaterSense shower faucets, and complete shower systems for your preference.
What kind of faucet styles are available?
When we're talking styles, we're talking shape and design of the faucet, this is your own personal preference. It's normally a good idea to see what with match your current interior. Contemporary design typically means smooth curves, simple design and modern features. Traditional is your more homely styles with a few more design accents for that "home sweet home" look. The country rustic styles are targeted for the cabin look and feel. Victorian or antique is the vintage classic theme. While, completely modern faucets take design to essential shapes and futurist style. Each faucet is apart of a collection which has a base style and features matching components. For example, the Kohler Forte collection includes: bathroom and kitchen faucets, along will all the towel bar, rings, robe hooks, soap dispensers, etc.

Options for New Kitchen Faucets

Kohler Simplice kitchen faucetMoen Extensa faucetGrohe LadyLux faucetKohler Forte FaucetsDelta Signature Faucets
Kohler SimpliceMoen ExtensaGrohe LadyLuxKohler ForteDelta Touch

Kitchen Faucets with the Newest Designs and Technology

Kitchen Faucets

What type of features do I want in my kitchen faucet?
In the kitchen, the sink faucet does a lot of heavy work, providing water for cooking and cleaning. There are options to aid you in facilitating that process, like pull-out sprays, sidespray, ergonomic handles, single or double handle valves, etc. There is a variety of different options for spouts such as multi-function sprays to low-budget side spouts.

What type of finish or color?
The finish is the faucets color and texture. Each brand has its own variations but essentially the same color. Chrome is shiny, a reflective mirror silver finish. The brushed nickel and stainless steel are silver finishes with toned down metallic tones. Another metallic finish is the oil rubbed bronze, which is dark brown in color. Then there are the flat color options such as white, black, or ivory.

How many holes in the sink?
From one-, two-, or three- hole sinks, the number of holes can determine your options for single- or double- handle faucets, as well as sink accessories; like air gaps, soap dispensers and side sprays.

Other Sink Faucet Accessories

We can also provide you with the finishing touches to complete your home's new look. For example, if you are buying a kitchen faucet, does your existing drain match your new faucet finish?  Get a matching basket strainer or disposal flange! Check under the accessories section for matching soap dispensers, basin racks, and air gaps.
  Need help choosing a bathroom faucet or just don't know where to start? Our articles on faucets will not only help to select a faucet that is right for you, but also provide information about what is required of you for installation. There is a whole library of articles designed to help you from start to finish. 

Water Saving Faucets

Water Sense EcoAIR faucets

FaucetDirect.com is dedicated to helping you find the best faucet for your home, especially when that faucet is eco-friendly. A number of manufacturers have stepped up to design efficient water saving faucets. When you're looking for these kinds of kitchen, bathroom, and shower faucets, look for the WaterSense label. Moen, American Standard, and Elements of Design feature dozens of eco-friendly lavatory faucets with flow rates right around 2.0 gpm. Hansgrohe's Eco AIR hand shower and showerhead use AIR-injection technology to help make their flow rate of just 1.6 gallons per minute (gpm) feel like 2.5 gpm.

FaucetDirect.com also has a large selection of commercial faucets and fixtures. We offer an entire selection of ADA-compliant products, drinking fountains, urinals and safety equipment. Under the various categories, you will find products such as commercial kitchen faucets, including sinks and sprayers, electronic restroom faucets, flushometers, and more. Browse faucets from brands like Kohler faucets, Moen, Delta faucets, Danze ... and other faucet manufacturers! Shop all of our different types of faucets and don't forget the kitchen sink! We also carry full lines of the large plumbing fixtures like bathroom sinks, tubs, toilets, etc.

Clean water means a healthy family. From clean drinking and cooking water, to rinsing off with baths and showers. If your home delivers clean water efficiently, you and your family will have cleaner dishes and bodies. This will eliminate orders, and leave less bacteria and mold around the house. There are all kinds of faucets for throughout your home, including kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, and shower faucets. Some basic things to consider in choosing a new faucet are: application type, features, the style, and finish. Just make sure you know what you want out of a kitchen, bathroom, or shower, and the faucet-buying process is simplified. There are plenty of options when it comes to what's offered for each application. For the kitchen, choose from single- and double-handle faucets. Pullout spray and side spray options are available for kitchen faucets. Other kitchen faucet selections include bar faucets and pot fillers. Next, think about what you'd like your faucet to look like. If you can imagine a look, it most likely exists. Choose from a full range of styles from contemporary, traditional, Victorian and more. Once you have your shape and functions, you'll want choose your color. Finishes like oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, brushed nickel are great metallic finishes.

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