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FaucetDirect.com specializes in offering the finest plumbing faucets for every residential application. But it also delivers the best in commercial faucets, as well. Commercial bathroom faucets are an absolute necessity when it comes to outfitting a hotel, stadium, school, or park. Commercial kitchen faucets and bar faucets are just as important in any setting that gets a lot of use. If you need to stock that restaurant or hotel kitchen with a specialized faucet, FaucetDirect.com provides food service fixtures, as well. 

In the bathroom, flush valves are great additions to toilets, available in low-consumption (1.0 to 1.6 gallons per flush) and eco-friendly models (0.5 gallons per flush). Automatic faucets and toilets are water- and money-saving devices seen in increasingly more high-traffic areas like airports, restaurant bathrooms, and stadium bathrooms. Other commercial-grade bathroom fixtures include bar faucets, shower-only fixtures, and tub and shower fixtures. Additional plumbing fixtures for commercial-grade applications for outside the home are laboratory faucets, utility faucets (wall- or deck-mounted, low lead), metering faucets, and bubblers (lever handle and push button). You might not think about it too much, but providing a commercial setting with the plumbing fixtures takes a lot of planning and consideration. The fixtures must measure up to strict standards and guidelines and should be durable and reliable enough to withstand constant use. Hospitality settings, schools, churches, stadiums, restaurants, and businesses all require commercial faucets that are strong enough to stand up to the daily demand. And FaucetDirect.com is proud to carry a remarkable selection of commercial faucets from the plumbing industry’s most trusted and reputable manufacturers.

Many commercial faucets start with the basics, fixtures we’d see in our own homes. Bathroom sink faucets are essential in commercial settings, and add a little extra strength. Consider the touchless faucetsand those that are ADA compliant. And because these bathroom faucets are placed in commercial settings, many of them boast eco-friendly flow rates and are WaterSense rated.Commercial Kitchen faucets probably get the most use (and abuse) of any commercial faucets. If you peeked in the kitchen of any restaurant, diner, or hotel setting, you’d see why food service faucets must be able to stand up to hours of use. Commercial kitchen faucets are incredibly versatile. They can be deck mounted or wall mounted and feature the industry’s most durable and trustworthy construction. From flexible pull down spouts to sturdy deck mounted fixtures, commercial strength food service faucets get the job done. Another extremely popular commercial faucet is the utility faucet. These fixtures are popular just because they’re so versatile and feature so many great features. From integrated soap dishes and water flow features to high arc spouts and sensor activated capabilities, utility faucets are a must-have for commercial settings. Other popular commercial faucets we often see include drinking fountains in parks, stadiums, and schools. 

Flushometer valves are seen in virtually every commercial bathroom setting, and automatic flushometers are becoming increasingly popular as water savings takes a front seat. And laboratory faucets provide rigid and precise water flow for hospital and lab settings everywhere.There’s definitely a need for commercial faucets. And whether it’s a true commercial setting in every sense of the word or you just enjoy the extra strength of commercial grade plumbing in your home, these faucets arrive ready to work. So when you’re ready to look for commercial faucets, shop for them at FaucetDirect.com.