Learn More About Bathroom Faucets & Fixtures

FaucetDirect is an online specialty shop that covers all varieties of bathroom faucets and fixtures. Whether it's a simple replacement, an entire bathroom remodel, or new construction, we have the bathroom products you need. Choosing for style, or to be water efficient, or not quite sure what you need? Talk to our product specialists through phone or chat for assistance.

The Big Three Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom Sink Faucets: The easiest solution for a quick bathroom faucet upgrade. Generally a bathroom faucet needs to stay within the installation parameters of the previous faucet unless the sink/counter is also being replaced. However, you can create a whole new bathroom look with just a new faucet finish and matching bathroom hardware accessories.

Shower Faucets: Spend a little for a quick upgrade with a brand new shower head, or go all out with a shower system, body sprays included. Add a hand shower attachment for another quick win, no special installation needed. A full shower replacement is the perfect time to get in the wall and swap out your valve. If you don't want to open up the wall, you're limited to shower trims that are compatible with your current brand/rough in.

Tub Fillers: There are three common tub filling options available: traditional roman style tub filler, tub spouts, and free standing. Roman tub fillers offer multiple handles to perfect your temperature, with a classic look. Go the more modern route with a free standing tub filler, perfect for free standing tub options. When used in combination with a shower, the standard tub spout is the cheapest and most common choice.

Bathroom Fixtures

Toilets: Another bathroom upgrade that is easier than it seems. Two-piece toilets, a generally less expensive option, make installation a breeze. While generally a bit more expensive, one-piece toilets modernize your bathroom, and provide an easy to sanitize, seamless surface.

Bathtubs: A more involved installation, but worth the effort for a truly relaxing experience. If your bathroom has the space, make a statement with a stunning free standing tub. If you're looking for the luxury experience, but want a more traditional look, an air/whirlpool bathtub is the way to go. Finally, a simple yet functional soaking tub is the best choice for renovations on a budget.

Bathroom Sinks: Save room in a powder room or smaller bathroom with a wall mounted sink or corner sink. If you've got the space, it's hard to beat a beautiful vanity sink combo.