Showers, Showers, and more Showers!

Check out the information below for everything you could ever need to know when purchasing your next shower!

Choosing a Shower Faucet

There are a few different kind of shower faucets, each serving a unique purpose. Check out the list below to understand the differences:

  • Shower Only: these faucets are designed to be primarily used in where there either is not a tub in the bathroom or the tub is separate from the showering area.
  • Tub and Shower: as the name implies, this faucet should be used where the shower and tub are one in the same.
  • Shower System: this is a more complex system that features either a shower only or tub and shower faucet, then includes a hand shower at minimum. This faucet may also include body sprays or even multiple shower heads to provide for a truly luxurious showering experience.
  • Shower Panel: also known as a shower tower, this is a unique type of shower system where all water outlets are attached to a panel. Most of these systems can be used with existing showering pipes which can reduce the cost of replacing your current system.

Choosing a Shower Fixture

Shower Doors are designed to help keep the water inside the shower—but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish additions to your bathroom’s overall décor. Shower Doors are available in many different styles, looks, and shapes, and are offered in different configurations, as well, for left installs, right installs, or reversible for either. Some shower doors are frameless, which means the door(s) do not have a metal frame around them, while still other shower doors include an integrated towel bar as an added convenience.

Shower Enclosures are wonderful space-saving showering options. They’re strictly for showers that don’t include a tub, and are available in a number of different sizes and shapes. One thing a shower enclosure can do is provide a striking focal point for your bathroom’s shower. With shower doors and glass walls included, a shower enclosure will elevate the look of any bathroom.

Shower Pans are necessary components of all showers as they provide the base for the shower. A shower pan can be as unique as the bathroom & shower it’s being placed in. It can be square, rectangular, or shaped for a corner installation.

Shower Drains can be located in the center, in a corner, or to one side & are starting to come in different shapes! One of our favorite new trends are linear drains that run the length of the shower and provide for some great aesthetics.

Finally, Shower Receptors can be made from a few different materials, like acrylic, polyvinyl chloride, fiberglass, or cast iron, and come in a few different shapes to fit almost every application.