Choose the Right Bathtub with These Steps

1. Choose your installation type: how will the tub be installed?

  • Drop-In: This will require a deck to be built, then the tub drops into the opening on top with the rim exposed.
  • Undermount: Quite similar to the drop in with a required deck for the tub, however, the tub mounts underneath the deck so the rim is not exposed
  • Three Wall Alcove: These are the most common tubs you will see and have a front skirt while the three other sides sit against the wall.
  • Freestanding: These tubs stand freely anywhere you would like to place them in your bathroom.
  • Corner: As the name implies, this tub sits in a corner and is usually triangular in shape.
  • Walk-In: Walk-in tubs feature a door that provide easier entry for those who may have trouble stepping over a tub ledge. The door seals preventing any water from escaping when in use.

2. Choose the size you need: where will the tub be going?

  • You will need to measure the space where the bathtub will be located.
  • Find the length (left to right), width (front to back), and height (top to bottom).

3. Choose your therapy type: what experience do you want?

  • Soaking: This is the standard tub experience with no jets, but still allows for a relaxing experience.
  • Jetted - Whirlpool: Known also as a jetted tub, this tub has a few large jets that moves water. These jets tend to provide more of a vigorous massage experience.
  • Jetted - Air: This is also a jetted tub, but features many tiny holes where warm air pushes through to provide a gentle massaging experience.
  • Combination: These tubs have the features of both air and whirlpool, allowing you to choose which experience you want every time you take a bath.

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