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Welcome! You have made it to the Vanities Homepage on As North America's leading online retailer for kitchen and bathroom fixtures, you will find that our excellent pricing and tremendous inventory of vanities sets us apart from the rest. As an authorized dealer, all vanity purchases made from us are fully covered under manufacturer warranties. Below you will find general details for bathroom vanities, as well as a section at the end that gives a helpful pointer for shopping on our website.

Vanity Sizing Information

Whether you are swapping out an existing vanity, or doing a new build, determining the size vanity you need is the most logical place to start. The primary unit of measurement used on our site is width.  Width appears in all product titles and varies, from 18" to 72" and greater. When selecting the proper width for your bathroom, keep in mind that the minimum space required between the center of your toilet and the vanity is 15". Following this, take some time to consider the height you would want your vanity to be. Vanity heights can be found as low as 27" and as high as 36". Children will appreciate lower vanities, while adults tend to give high marks for taller vanities. Last is depth. If you are tearing out an old vanity, you will likely find its depth to be 18" or 21". Because these two dimensions are industry standards, roughly two-thirds of the vanities we sell are offered in these two depth measurements. If your bathroom layout will allow for vanities with greater depths, it is worth getting. Deeper vanities provide more storage and the increased surface space of the vanity top is helpful for managing clutter.

Vanity Configurations: Doors vs. Drawers

When shopping, you will need to make the decision between doors, drawers, or an open cabinet. Many people overlook the importance of this, and base their decision solely on style characteristics, only to discover later that the vanity does not meet their functional needs. Take some time to consider the level of use your bathroom vanity will see on a daily basis before ordering. 

Drawers are particularly useful for heavily used bathrooms where there will be the need to store dozens of daily-use items and containers such as make-up and lotions. Drawers are also very popular in children's bathrooms where each child may have a drawer of their own. 

Vanities with doors provide more interior storage space than vanities with drawers, but offer little organization. For this reason, it is understood throughout the design industry that vanities featuring doors and no drawers are better suited for guest bathrooms where larger items such as towels and cleaning supplies will be stored.

Open cabinet designs give bathrooms the appearance of more space, but are best reserved for half-baths where very little will be stored.

Bathroom Vanity Designs and Styles

For shopping ease, we have designated each of the vanities we carry into design and style themes: Contemporary / Modern, Country / Rustic, Antique, and Traditional / Classic.

Form and function harmoniously together come together for Contemporary / Modern Vanities.  Common characteristics are bold lines, boxy appearances and vessel (above-counter) sinks.  Also, If you are looking for a wall-mounted vanity, your selection will contain mostly modern vanities.

Country / Rustic Bathroom Vanities represent vanities that are either white/biscuit or show off the natural beauty of wood.  These vanities often times use finish techniques that give it a log-cabin-like, distressed look.

While not actual relics from the past, Antique Bathroom Vanities boast the same attention to detail as the vanities you will find in antique shops. Ball and claw feet, Victorian architectural designs, ornate wood carvings, and hand painted finishes are all common in this category of product.

It could be said that traditional vanities are those which do not clearly fall into any distinct design category, but rather take advantage of the best of the industry's innovations, and leave out what isn't needed. Vanities in this category aren't flashy - they're functional.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets and Sets

While shopping, you will notice a wide range in pricing. While we do offer a variety of vanities, some using higher grade materials than others, in many circumstances the price range has more to do with what comes with the cabinet as opposed to quality of construction. Many of our customers are interested in a vanity cabinet only, as they are having tile or custom stone tops cut to match other areas of the bathroom. Others are looking for a vanity set to take care of the entire purchase in one click. This may include a sink, faucet, mirror, or combination of multiple additions.