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Congratulations! You have made it to the Tile Redi Homepage on FaucetDirect.com.  As North America's leading online retailer for plumbing products, you will find that our excellent pricing and tremendous inventory of Tile Redi shower pans sets us apart from the rest.  As an authorized Tile Redi dealer, all purchases made from us are fully covered the manufacturer's warranty.  Below you will find general details for Tile Redi products.

Tile Redi Shower Pans:

Tile Redi

As the name would suggest, Tile Redi shower pans are made to be tile ready.  Unlike mud bases, hot-mopping, and manually constructed curbs that require hours of work, are messy, and have 24 hour dry times, Tile Redi shower pans can be installed within an hour, and tiled immediate thereafter.  Each piece is constructed as a single cast and is guaranteed to never break, leak, or grow mold/mildew. Furthermore, with built in curbs, 6" splash walls, 1/4"-per-foot slope, and 2" PVC Drains (ABS and Cast Iron drains are also available), Tile Redi shower pans were wisely built to meet the specs of your job.

Super Easy Installation

Curbs and Curb Location:

Tile Redi Curb Information

Curbed Tile Redi shower pans come in three configurations: single, double, and triple.  Below you will find basic information of their uses and differences.

Single Curb:
Pictured top, Tile Redi single curb shower pans are the most traditional and commonly used shower pans on the market.  Used for shower alcoves and bathtub replacements, these models are curbed on the front side, with 6" splash walls on the remaining three sides.

Double Curb:
The two pictures in the middle show the available configurations of double curb shower pans.  These shower pans are intended for corner installations.  Please note that when purchasing a double curb shower pan you will need to determine whether the right or left side is to be curbed.

Triple Curb:
Pictured last, triple curb shower pans are designed for single wall installations in which a glass shower enclosure will be used.

Curbed Shower Pans

Barrier Free and ADA Shower Pans:

Tile Redi Barrier Free Shower Pans

Tile Redi also offers a complete line of barrier free shower pans.  By removing the curb on the front side, these units allow for wheelchair access, and eliminate the risk of trips, slips and falls when entering the shower.  Because of this, barrier free shower pans are commonly used in institutions and businesses where ADA compliance is required.  Units are available is a variety of sizes including barrier free bathtub replacement models.  Note: Only those units with sides no narrower than 36" qualify as ADA compliant shower pans.

Barrier Free Shower Pans

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