NuTone Exhaust Fans and Medicine Cabinets

About NuTone

Nutone is a name well known throughout the home improvement industry for providing just the right product for every project. Originally started as a door chime company, Nutone quickly expanded their product offering to become a premiere player in home improvement products, accessories and parts.

Featured Categories

Medicine Cabinets

Nutone medicine cabinets are industry leading and this is due in no small part to the fact that these American made products are stylish and affordable. Medicine cabinets are available with many choices, perfect for any home. Choose from the number of doors and shelves, to the mirror type. One of the biggest considerations is choosing a surface mounted medicine cabinet or a recessed medicine cabinet. Nutone also offers cosmetic boxes and bathroom mirrors.

Exhaust Fans

Nutone exhaust fans offer many features and solutions for every bathroom. Looking to simply ventilate your bathroom? Choose an exhaust fan only by Nutone. Many bathrooms do not come with enough lighting and an exhaust fan with a light can be the perfect solution too add more light to the bathroom. Hate stepping out into the cold after a hot shower? Nutone offers exhaust fans with heaters that offer spot heating to your bathroom.

Remember that your bathroom needs to be ventilated. Without the proper exhaust of steam, mold and rust can build quickly, damaging metal in your bathroom and causing health issues. Let Nutone exhaust fans be your solution!

Ironing Centers

An ironing center by Nutone is the ideal addition to any laundry room or wherever laundry might be done. With a simple installation, you can have an ironing board always handy and it's simple fold up design keeps it out of the way when not in use. Complete the center with a decorative door or mirror that helps add a bit of style to any room.

Doorbells and Door Chimes

Nutone doorbells and door chimes are the very foundation of the early Nutone business. Continuing in the tradition of quality products, Nutone has developed a whole set who of decorative doorbells and pushbuttons, perfect for adding to the front of your home. Couple this with a Nutone door chime system, beautiful to look at with an amazing sound, you have an affordable way of adding style to your home.

Nutone Ceiling and Wall Heaters

Being comfortable in your home during cooler days can be as easy as a spot heater from Nutone. Instead of running your central heating system, which heats room you aren't using, a wall heater or ceiling heater from Nutone will warm the room you're in and provide energy efficiency without breaking the bank.

Central Vacuum Systems

A Nutone central vacuum system is one of the easiest ways to keep your home clean without lugging a vacuum everywhere. A central power unit is placed in an out of the way area, usually a garage or basement and is ducted throughout the house to inlets. These inlets can have a hose plugged into it and will work as a vacuum anywhere an inlet is placed. With the long reach of these hoses, only a few inlets are needed. No more carrying a heavy vacuum up and down stairs! With a central vacuum system from Nutone, only a lightweight hose needs to be carried.

When done, the central power unit can be dumped directly into the trash!