Bemis Toilet Seats

    About Bemis Toilet Seats

    Bemis toilet seats are manufactured with premium quality and design in mind. Bemis is a toilet seat specialist when it comes to the design and functionality of a toilet seat. Top brands use Bemis as there supplier for the toilets they manufacture. When it come to comfort, smart close lids, and streamline designs. Bemis toilet seats are the company to choose a premiere toilet seat.

    Easy Clean Seats

    With toothbrush and detergent in hand, trying to clean the dirt and grime that builds up between the toilet seat and rim is just about a tough of a challenge as any these days, and it's a task nobody wants to do. No matter what you are using you can never seem to get all the spots you want to. 

    No more need to worry about any of that, Introducing the new Bemis Easy Clean toilets! Bemis comes to the rescue with this breakthrough hinge technology that will make you wonder why we all never did this from the start! With a quick and easy twist of the hinge then lift to unlock, you can pop the seat right off, clean it up, and put it back, saving you time and effort, and ensuring you clean the seat completely, and without twisting and turning with a perfectly good toothbrush. The best part? Locking the seat back into place is just as quick and easy, and once locked in, it sits just as solid as any of your old fashioned non easy-clean seats.

    Now Available in both Stain resistant plastic seats or their durable molded wood seats. 

    Bemis toilet seats are often considered the standard. A large number of manufacturers contract with them to make the custom seats for their toilets. Find your Bemis toilet seat at

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