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Shower fixtures can help round out your bathroom’s shower area. In reality, your shower won’t function correctly without them, so you want to make sure you get the right fixtures. is your source for all of your shower fixture needs.

Choosing the Correct Shower Fixture

Shower doors are designed to help keep the water inside the shower—but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish additions to your bathroom’s overall décor. Shower doors are available in many different styles, looks, and shapes, and are offered in different configurations, as well, for left installs, right installs, or reversible for either. Some shower doors are frameless, while still other shower doors include an integrated towel bar as an added convenience.

Shower enclosures are wonderful space-saving shower fixtures. They’re strictly for showers that don’t include a tub, and available in a number of different sizes and shapes. One thing a shower enclosure can do is provide a striking focal point for your bathroom’s shower. With shower doors and glass walls included, a shower enclosure will elevate the look of any bathroom.

You can’t have a shower without including some kind of shower receptor. And a shower receptor can be as unique as the bathroom and shower it’s being placed in. It can be square, rectangular, or shaped for a corner installation. The drain can be located in the center, in a corner, or to one side. Finally, shower receptors can be made from a few different materials, like acrylic, polyvinyl chloride, fiberglass, or cast iron.

Shower Fixture Features

To the other end of the spectrum is a shower module. A shower module is created with straightforward simplicity in mind. It will feature the basics like shelves for your shower accessories, as well as extras like footrests near the base for washing and shaving legs. Accessibility and safety features like seats and grab bars are included in some shower modules. Shower modules are designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind. Some helpful features include accessory shelves for placing soap, shampoo, etc., as well as footrests near the base of the fixture for shaving. Seats and stainless steel grab bars are also included on some models for accessibility and safety. Shower walls are a lot like shower modules but include additional shelving space for accessories, and lack accessibility features.

Shower walls are pretty straightforward shower fixtures, and can include all sorts of great features. A shower wall almost always comes with shelves or some sort of shelf system for your shower goodies, and it can also feature hooks and seating. A shower wall is made from the plumbing industry’s most trusted and durable materials, like Vikrell and acrylic.

When you're ready to complete the look and theme of your bathroom, be sure to use the shower fixtures as an opportunity to add striking design elements. is proud to carry an amazing variety of shower fixtures for your bathroom.

Building a New Shower, and the Extra Fixtures to Consider

Your shower is more than just the showerhead and handles. Shower fixtures are a great way to add sparkle, shine and character to the overall look of the bathroom. Dress up your shower with a glass shower door. Available in a number of different looks and styles, these are essentials for the modern shower. From single-hinged doors to double sliding doors, they can be set up for corner entry or as the fourth wall of a shower.

Shower pans are essentially the area of a shower where you'd stand. Also sometimes called a shower tray or shower pan, it can be rectangular or triangular to be installed in a corner. The drain is typically included and is available on the left side, right side, or center. If you'd like something that includes both a shower door and receptor, consider a shower enclosure. These gorgeous space-saving fixtures provide a look of harmony with seamless connections in a number of different shapes and sizes.

Steam showers are at the apex of shower enclosure looks and quality. With the shower door and receptor included, these also feature multiple body sprays, typically a high-end shower head, (like a Rain showerhead) and a multi-function handshower. The enclosed ceiling also helps to keep in the steam that's created for a calming, cleansing effect.

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