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The kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home. It’s where you come together with your family after school and work. It’s where the meals are prepared and cleaned (and, let’s face it, sometimes eaten). And it’s where you can have a quiet conversation or some meaningful face time with the ones you love. If your kitchen is outdated, inefficient, or simply needs a makeover, can rejuvenate the look and feel of the entire space. Essential elements in a kitchen are the faucet, sink, garbage disposal and accessories.

Kitchen faucets come in a variety of functionality and styles. From the busy family kitchen to professional chefs we are here to help you choose the right kitchen set up. When choosing a kitchen faucet and sink there are a few different options to consider. Some options for kitchen faucets are: single- or double- handles, a pull out spray spout, and style. Upper end faucets have features like smooth transitions from hot to cold, temperature limiters, and water-saving valves.

Finding the Right Kitchen Faucet, Sinks, and Disposal

Kitchen Fixtures and Faucets
Kitchen Sink Fixture
Kitchen Garbage Disposals

When searching for a new kitchen faucet, consider the following:

Single- or Double-Handle Kitchen Faucet
Single faucet is the most popular for one handle use for volume control and temperature. The double handle fit specific plumbing and have a more traditional look.

Spout Height
Standard size for day to day use, or high arch spouts for more space for large pots.

Pull Down or Pull Out Spray
A detachable spout to direct water exactly where it needs to go.

Kitchen Faucet Style
Contemporary, Traditional, Antique, Rustic, etc. What theme matches your home?

Soap Dispenser, Air Gaps, Side Spray, Basin Racks, Cutting Boards Etc.

The difference between single and double handle faucets is simple. Single handle faucets are controlled by one lever for hot, cold, and volume control. This ergonomic style allows complete water control with one multi-functioning lever. There are faucets built for the ultimate culinary experience, to basic everyday use. Double handle kitchen faucets are controlled individually, separating the hot valve from the cold. The choice is aesthetic as well as preferred functionality. Kitchen faucets with a pull out spray are designed with a detachable spout. These faucets make controlling the direction of water flow much easier. Pull out spray faucets have different types of sprays from gentle rinse to high pressure wash.

Let us help you choose the right kitchen faucet View Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide


For example, Delta makes a pull out faucet with touch spray technology. Which is a single handle faucet with a pull out spray and touch on/off technology. The size of the faucet should be relevant to the size of the sink. Single basin sinks work better with smaller faucets; while the high arch spouts are designed for two and three basin sinks. Another important factor is the style of your faucet. Contemporary kitchen faucets are one of the most popular styles. They have sleek modern features with flowing curves and are a great choice for newer homes, or modern remodel. Traditional style faucets use a homely look with faceted ridges and unique shapes in the handle and spout. While the Victorian faucets match the antique and old fashion style homes. Finding a faucet that matches your sink make your kitchen chores that much easier.

What to Look for in a Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sinks

Material : Acrylic, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Granite, Copper

Mounting Type : Self Rimming, Under Mount, Apron

Basin Type : Number and Shape of Bowls

There are a few options for making a fitting decision on a kitchen sink. First, there are different options in size and the number of bowls (or basins) for the sink. The most common sink has two bowls, but you can get up to three for a convenient custom sink. The finish can be made of acrylic, cast iron, granite, or stainless steel. Stainless steel sinks are considered incredibly hygienic and easy-to-maintain, features smart design detail, a durable finish, and effective sound insulation. Cast iron sinks are very heat-resistant and durable, offered in versatile colors, and is a breeze to clean. Granite is heat-resistant up to 536 degrees. It’s also very durable, easy to clean, and stain-resistant. One final consideration when it comes to your kitchen sink is installation type. This has everything to do with how you want the sink to sit on (or beneath) your counter, how much valuable counter space you have, and how easy you’d like cleaning it to be. The most popular installation style is a self-rimming sink. Advantages? It’s the easiest type of sink to install, and should you need to replace it, you won’t have to obliterate your counter top to do it. Under mount kitchen sinks provide a flush mounting and are extremely easy to clean. And drop-in kitchen sinks are designed to be dropped in a cutout its rimmed edges rest safely on the counter top.

Garbage Disposals and Sink Accessories

And with every sink needs a garbage disposal to breaking down solid food and waste. A garbage disposal is essential if composting is not available. The typical garbage disposals are turn on by an electrical switch. However, the batch feed requires the user to use a drain stopper to start the disposal. The batch feed is a safer selection to prevent disposal accidents. Most garbage disposals will fit any sinks, the only other larger consideration is the power. The basic disposal comes in 1/2 hp, a powerful upgrade is the 3/4 hp, and a disposing machine at 1 hp.

Kitchen Accessories
There are many different accessories to easy kitchen tasks. Our kitchen accessories include items like soap dispensers, basket strainers, basin racks, air gaps, disposal stoppers and more.

Remodeling the Kitchen Plumbing

The undeniable focal point of your kitchen is your faucet. This hard-working fixture is a prominent part of your home décor, so to maximize it, consider a durable, reliable faucet that makes others take notice. There are a number of styles to choose from when it comes to a kitchen faucet. It’s no surprise that contemporary and traditional are the most popular themes, while Victorian, rustic, and art deco are also common looks.Want a solid choice in finishes? You got it. Kitchen faucets are available in more than a dozen finishes, including the more popular chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and stainless steel. What would your kitchen faucet be without its many attractive features? From your choice of single-handle or double-handle fixtures to a side spray and soap dispenser, there’s no shortage of options on and around the kitchen faucet. also features a wide range of ADA-compliant faucets so that everyone can have a chance to help clean and use the kitchen faucet. One of the more alluring features is the pullout spray. This feature helps with pretty much everything you might do at a kitchen sink, from washing fruits and vegetables to cleaning the sink and dishes post-feast. Wall-mounted kitchen faucets are a striking design statement gaining in popularity, especially with the growing number of customized kitchens. And an escutcheon is an effective way to conceal any extra holes you might have at your sink.

water saving kitchen faucets

Finally, one feature that’s becoming more popular is the kitchen faucet that’s a breeze to install. A few manufacturers (most notably Delta, American Standard, and Kohler) have listened to the customer and simplified the entire installation process so you can enjoy your new faucet sooner. If you’re concerned with saving water and money without sacrificing performance, consider a Water Sense-rated kitchen faucet. Water saving products with the Water Sense label are 20 percent more water efficient than average category products and are designed to realize water savings on a national level.

If every U.S. household installed Water Sense-labeled products in their home, on an annual basis we’d save:

  • $350 million in water utility bills
  • More than 60 billion gallons of water
  • About $600 million in energy costs for heating water

When the sun goes down, you need the proper lighting in your kitchen so that you don’t skip a beat. From flush-mount fixtures and under-cabinet LED lighting to pendants and track lighting, your kitchen is the perfect stage for creative, effective fixtures to help make that living area a place your family and guests really want to be. And where would your kitchen be without a garbage disposal? Why this is by no means a necessary addition to your kitchen, it sure simplifies things in your kitchen sink. Speaking of kitchen sinks, this is the other part of the kitchen to consider, right along with the faucet. When it comes to choosing the right sink for your kitchen, there are a few things to consider. First of all, make sure the sink you’re looking at will fit its surroundings. In other words, is the sink too big or too small for the features (faucet, counter space, backslash) around it? When you’re confident you know how big your new sink needs to be, you can go ahead and choose one. The number of basins in a kitchen sink is extremely important. You can have all the room in the world (along with all of the best intentions), but if yo don’t configure the number of basins correctly, you’ll miss out on maximizing your kitchen space. Single-basin sinks offer a more open work area and are ideal for smaller kitchens. Double-basin kitchen sinks are the most popular choice, because they provide a comfortable amount of room to hand-wash dishes. They’re also useful if two people are prepping a meal at the same time. A triple-basin sink is great at keeping space open for smaller tasks when the rest of the sink is being used washing dishes or for food prep.

Kitchen Faucets and Fixtures made Possible Online

Kitchen Pull Out Spray Faucet and Sink

Your kitchen is an important part of your home—maybe even the most important. With so much action and so many people entering and exiting the kitchen, you want the most durable fixtures possible. But make no mistake—adding stylish fixtures will make your kitchen a major focal point of your home, as well. Fortunately, can help you get the most out of your kitchen. For more information on remodeling you kitchen read the sinks buying guide, or kitchen faucet QA, and the useful faucet and fixtures articles..

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